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Archery Maniacs - Live Life At Full Draw

Feb 28, 2017

Paul “ElkNut” Medel has dedicated much of the last 30+ years to a specialized subject – understanding elk vocalization. He has given seminars at sportsman’s shows in several states including for RMEF. For more than half those 30+ years he and his son Paul Jr (owners of ElkNut Outdoor Productions) have made it a...

Feb 27, 2017

Paul Servey is known as Mountain Goat Pauly. He's a blue collar worker who loves to hunt public land over the counter tags in the Rocky Mountains. He started hunting with his family as a child and has continued to pass on his knowledge to his family who also enjoys the sport. Paul believes in the spirit of the wild and...

Feb 23, 2017

It is no secret that a sight is a very important part to the compound archer. I can tell you first hand it is extremely frustrating having one not function like it is supposed to, break, or anything else. There is a bunch of different sights on the market. Find one that not only fits your budget but your style and is...

Feb 22, 2017

Joel and Brent are some of the best traditional archers I have every come across. They share tips, tactics, and insights on getting started, shooting better, arrows, and more. 

Joel Turner: 


Instagram: @ironmind_hunting

Brent Hahn:


Feb 21, 2017

"I’m one of those guys that thinks about the hunt all year, and when the season hits I’m in the backcountry as much as possible. I crave to be alone,  surrounded by the quiet of the mountains and the animals that live there.  I spend my off season practicing the art and skill of bowhunting, and when fall comes, I'm...