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Archery Maniacs - Live Life At Full Draw

Sep 21, 2017

Binocular harnesses are very important especially for the Western game hunter. A good harness will secure your binoculars, protect them, and hold them tight to your body, as well as have easy one-handed operation. In this episode I review the Muley Freak Binocular Harness. I hope you enjoy the...

Sep 14, 2017

Range Finders are hugely important and archers are becoming more and more reliant on them to aid in making a clean ethical kill. If you want a range finder that is lightening quick and wont break the bank, check out the SIG Kilo 850. This is one of the fastest range finders I have ever held and has a ton of...

Sep 7, 2017

Stalking shoes can be a huge part of your hunt! Be sure to utilize the tools that are available to you like the RimRok Stalkers. Check them out at 

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Aug 17, 2017

Water purification is a must. Using a steri pen is  great if you don't mind debris in your water. If it is come type of flowing water I would use it hands down. Standing water, while it will still make it 100% drinkable, its a mater of if you can stomach the floating matter. Live Life at Full...

Jun 15, 2017

It is not possible to finish your hunt without a knife. As soon as the animal is on the ground, a knife is a must. I am not good at sharpening knives nor do I want to carry a knife sharpener in my pack. I love the functionality of this knife and the fact that I can change blades. Also buying extra blades is extremely...