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Archery Maniacs - Live Life At Full Draw

Feb 21, 2017

"I’m one of those guys that thinks about the hunt all year, and when the season hits I’m in the backcountry as much as possible. I crave to be alone,  surrounded by the quiet of the mountains and the animals that live there.  I spend my off season practicing the art and skill of bowhunting, and when fall comes, I'm ready. I prefer to hunt solo, on public land,  and in places most don't or won't put the effort to get to.   In my opinion the secret to success is listening to that inner voice that whispers “Don’t give up, push harder, and make it happen”, which over the last 30 years blessed me with amazing experiences and the privilege to be around some of the most epic animals in the West.  I believe that health is wealth, and there is nothing healthier than knowing exactly how and where the meat I feed my family comes from.  When I’m not in the backcountry harvesting meat and creating memories to share with my future grandchildren, you’ll find me in my garden, cooking,  or shooting my bow with my oldest daughter." ~Ryan Lampers~

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Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoyed the show. As always, shoot straight, keep ripping, and live life at full draw.

Hannah and Zach Herold