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Archery Maniacs - Live Life At Full Draw

Feb 27, 2017

Paul Servey is known as Mountain Goat Pauly. He's a blue collar worker who loves to hunt public land over the counter tags in the Rocky Mountains. He started hunting with his family as a child and has continued to pass on his knowledge to his family who also enjoys the sport. Paul believes in the spirit of the wild and gives every animal the respect they deserve taught to him by his native father. Paul enjoys the sport of long range rifle, archery and muzzle loader hunting of big game animals.

In this episode Paul and I cover:

  • Becoming Mountain Goal Pauly.
  • Finding high country mule deer spots.
  • Stalking mule deer.
  • His decision to use a long bow for 2017 season.
  • How it's all about the adventure.
  • And more...
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Thank you for watcjomg, and I hope you enjoyed the show. As always, shoot straight, keep ripping, and live life at full draw.

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